Buy/ Sell Bi-directional Forex Trading

TOP1 Markets brings investors to the world's largest and most active Forex market, supporting bi-directional trading (buy/sell) and flexible responses to market volatility. We can help investors achieve their investment goals by taking advantage of trading opportunities.

Low Threshold Commodity Trading

CFD trading gives investors the freedom to choose the volume of their trades, freeing them from traditional trading unit restrictions. Join the world's top resource markets now and easily build your own commodities portfolio to start your own trading journey!

Adjustable Leverage Index Trading

Taking advantage of market trends on the global stock exchanges, whether up or down, and managing risk flexibly, is the best way to invest in the overall movement of the stock market.

0 Commission Stock Trading

Investors can trade technology, medical, consumer and other types of U.S. stocks wihout commission at TOP1 Markets, also available for trading odd lot, giving investors the flexibility to invest in the stock market, and investing in stocks is no longer a difficult task.

Easy & Fast Cryptocurrency Trading

At TOP1 Markets, we provide investors with easy-to-use trading tools to invest in the world's hottest cryptocurrency markets without having to own a digital wallet or cryptocurrency!

Free Demo Account

TOP1 Markets offers investors a $100,000 Demo Account to hone their trading skills in a 0 capital risk environment according to their personal preferences. When investors are fully prepared, they are more comfortable to start trading in the live market.

Instantly share trading plan to help investors trade wisely.

Stay up to date with the latest trading activity of the experts with TOP1 Markets' innovative Trading Leaders subscription feature, this is the best way for CFD beginners to get started.

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Worldwide Trusted Trading Platform

  • Extremely Low Trading Costs

    0% trading commission ad competitive spreads.
  • Multiple Leverage Options

    Leverage up to 1000x
  • Social Trading

    Gathering elite trading master and share the community wisdom.
  • Capital Security Guaranteed

    Authoritative financial institution regulation, strict segregation of investor funds.
  • Negative Account Balance Protection

    Losses will not exceed the principal amount to enhance risk management capabilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

    12 languages are always available for investors to solve their problems.

Bonus rebate to help investors grow in the trading world!

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