Buy & Sell Two-Way Forex Trading

TOP1 Markets grants you access to the world's largest and most vibrant forex market, with support for two-way trading (buy/sell) to adapt to market fluctuations. Capitalize on trading opportunities and achieve your investment goals.

Low threshold trade commodities

CFD trading gives you the freedom to choose the number of trades you want to make, free from traditional trading unit restrictions. Join the world's top resource markets today and start your trading journey with low barriers to building a commodities portfolio!

Using Leverage Trading Equity Indices

With CFD trading, select your trade size freely and break away from traditional unit constraints. Join the global resource markets with a low entry barrier and kick-start your trading journey!

Harness the Power of Leverage

Trade in Stock Indices

Benefit from global stock market trends, whether rising or falling, and manage risk effectively – the perfect strategy for investing in overall stock market performance.

At TOP1 Markets, we offer advanced trading tools that allow you to invest conveniently in the world's hottest cryptocurrency markets without the need for a digital wallet or cryptocurrency ownership.

Cost-Free Demo Account

TOP1 Markets equips you with a $100,000 demo account to sharpen your trading skills risk-free. Transition seamlessly to live trading when you're ready.

Share Trades in Real-Time, Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions

Take advantage of our cutting-edge Top Trader Subscription feature, gaining real-time access to expert traders' strategies. An invaluable tool for CFD beginners looking to enhance their trading acumen with a more personal touch.

Overall Profit
@ Aakarshan
Overall Profit
@ King Of Goalkeeper
Overall Profit
@ Fisherman

A Trading Solution Trusted Worldwide

  • Exceptionally Low Trading Costs

    No trading commissions and ultra-tight spreads
  • Diverse Leverage Options

    Up to a Stunning 1000X Leverage
  • Join the Social Trading Revolution

    Learn from top performers and harness the power of the crowd.
  • Securing Your Funds

    Backed by respected regulators, ensuring segregated client funds.
  • Protection from Negative Balance

    Limit losses to invested capital and improve risk management
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

    Multilingual support in 12 languages, efficiently addressing concerns.

Boost Your Trading with Exciting Bonus Rewards!

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