How does TOP1 Markets protect clients' money?

  • Recognised and regulated by authoritative regulatory bodies

  • Audit by independent accounting firm

  • TOP1 Markets Refusal to engage in market speculation

  • Strict separation of client funds from the company's own funds

  • Client funds are held separately in an escrow account with a regulated bank

  • TOP1 Markets does not use client funds for illegal business activities

Separate deposit of client funds

In compliance with international regulatory requirements, client funds will be held independently in an escrow account with a top-tier bank.

Protection from Negative Balance

TOP1 Markets offers negative balance protection to ensure that you do not lose more than your principal in any event. If your account balance becomes negative, we will automatically adjust it to zero and cover the corresponding loss. This additional protection helps to enhance your risk management capabilities.

Secure and convenient withdrawal/withdrawal of funds

We understand the importance of liquidity to our clients and are committed to providing you with a safe, convenient and efficient deposit and withdrawal service to ensure a smooth trading experience.

  • Efficient and automated withdrawal process: ensure speed and accuracy by automating the submission and processing of withdrawal requests.
  • Strict auditing to ensure the safety of your funds: To ensure that your funds are returned safely and accurately, we carry out strict financial audits on every withdrawal.


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