How does TOP1 Markets ensure the security of investors' capital?

  • Recognized and supervised by international authoritative regulatory bodies.

  • Conduct the audit by the independent accounting firm.

  • TOP1 Markets does not participate in any speculative behavior in the market.

  • Investors' funds are strictly segregated from the Company's operational capital.

  • Investors' funds are held separately in trusted accounts at regulated banks.

  • TOP1 Markets will never use investors' funds for non-compliant business activities.

Separate Depository of Investors' Funds

In compliance with international regulatory requirements, we keep our investors' funds in segregated escrow accounts with international recognized banks.

Negative Account Balance Protection

TOP1 Markets offers a negative balance protection mechanism to ensure that investors do not lose more than the principal amount under any circumstances. If the balance in your account becomes negative, we will automatically zero out the negative balance and bear the corresponding losses.

Safe and Convenient Funds Withdrawal Service

We understand the importance of liquidity to our investors, so we are committed to providing safe, convenient and efficient funds withdrawal services to make the trading experience smoother for our investors.

  • Efficient and automated withdrawal process: Through automated withdrawal application and processing, we ensure the speed and accuracy of withdrawal.
  • Strict audits to ensure the safety of funds: To ensure the safe and accurate return of investors' funds, we apply strict financial audits to each withdrawal.


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