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Easily trade the world's most popular financial products - Forex, Commodity, Index, Stock and Cryptocurrency, TOP1 Markets brings investors the best investment experience at the best price and performance ratio.

Accurate market charts for real-time insight into market dynamics.

Professional-level technical analysis tools allow investors to understand market trends and make wise investment decisions faster.

Comprehensive risk management tools to effectively control losses and unlock profit potential

TOP1 Markets provides a full range of risk management tools, including stop-loss/ take profit, stop-loss tracking and negative account balance protection mechanisms, to help investors easily achieve profit growth and risk control.

Convenient fund management and unhindered fund access experience

TOP1 Markets allows investors to keep track of their trading activity and profitability anytime, anywhere, and provides fast and convenient access to their funds. At the same time, a 24/7 professional customer service team is available to answer investors' concerns and ensure a smooth trading process.

Fully Functional One-stop Trading Platform

TOP1 Markets is committed to creating a superior trading environment for investors, offering a wide range of powerful trading features that allow investors to achieve the ultimate trading experience without worry.

  • Trading Expert's Free Guidance
  • Helping investors to build their wealth dreams in our trading academy.
  • Free access to Trading Central strategies.
  • Real-time news and financial calendars to keep up with market trends.

Award-winning Trading Platforms

TOP1 Markets has received numerous positive reviews and has repeatedly been one of the most popular emerging investment platforms since its inception.

Enjoy Your Trading Experience Anytime & Anywhere!

The combination of CFDs trading, trading community, and trading leader features allows you to easily trade the world's most popular trading products anytime, anywhere, and feel the convenience and efficiency of extraordinary trading!

Platform Comparison is also available, allowing investors to choose the platform that best suits their needs.

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