What is CFD trading?

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are advanced financial instruments that can be invested in without owning assets. Derivative prices are market driven and relate to commodities, foreign exchange, stocks, indices, digital currencies and more.

Why trade CFDs?

Diverse Leverage Options

Up to a Stunning 1000X Leverage

Two-way operation for profit

Take advantage of long and short opportunities and respond to market volatility

Diversify your investments with ease

Participate in global markets and explore diverse investment opportunities

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have increasingly become the trading method of choice for online investors, allowing investors to trade without actually holding the underlying asset and offering greater flexibility than traditional trading - for example, easy access to international markets, leveraged trading, odd-lot trading, short-selling, etc.

5 elements to know about CFD trading

TOP1 Markets supports iOS/Android APP, web terminal and MT5 trading platforms, allowing you to trade the world's leading trading instruments in just 2 steps

1. Determine the direction of long/short trades

Go long if you predict higher prices, go short if the opposite is true

2. Select the number of transactions

Determine the number of trades based on your account risk ratio and complete the opening of your position

Choosing a trustworthy CFD platform

  • TOP1 Markets is authorised and regulated by industry authorities and all client deposits are kept separately and segregated to protect the safety of your funds.
  • 1:1000 leverage available, less capital to create greater exposure, minimum lot size of 0.01 per trade, low threshold to trade the world's leading trading instruments.
  • Advanced risk management tools, including stop loss settings, risk alerts and negative balance protection, are available to help you effectively control your risk.
  • 0% commission on the world's leading trading instruments, competitive and transparent spreads, giving you the advantage of low trading costs.


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