Certificated Trading Leaders

We scrutinize all trading leaders' funding activities before providing subscription services to our investors.

Trading Data At a Glance

All data is derived from the trading leader's live orders, which is absolutely true and fully demonstrates its transparency.

Capital Security Guaranteed

The trading account is under the full control of the investor to avoid any unknown losses and to protect their funds.

Free Subscription

Trading Leaders are provided to deposited investors and the service is free of charge, with no hidden or additional fees for trading signals.

Trading Leader Recommendations

* Trading leaders' past performance does not constitute an indicator of future results, and their position orders are all live orders, which are for reference only and are not direct trading instructions and are placed at their own risk.

Performance Data

How do I start to copy trade by referring to the order of the trading leader?

Choose your favorite trading leader and start your subscription.
Refer to the new position notification to place a trade.
Close a trade with a closeout notification.


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Learn about CFD trading and discover trading opportunities.

Experience TOP1 Markets without any risk and hone your trading skills.

Refer to trading leader's order and master successful trading strategies.