What is Stocks Trading?

With CFDs on shares, you don't need to own the actual shares, you simply anticipate price movements and trade long or short. The freedom to choose the number of trades you want to make, the elimination of whole lot limits and the combination of leveraged trading and reduced capital requirements give you more flexibility to invest in the market.

  • 0% commission

  • Low margin

  • Low trading threshold

  • Long/short bi-directional trading

Real-time quotes for the Stocks market

Selling Price
Buying Price
Up or down

    Stocks Trading Costs and Fees

    Contracted volume 
    Number of single transactions(Minimum/Maximum) 
    Overnight interest(Buy/Sell) 
    Trading Sessions

    * All types of accounts have unique characteristics in terms of leverage, spreads, maximum trading volume, etc., in order to meet the needs of different trading styles and experience levels, we sincerely invite you to choose the appropriate account type according to your personal needs.

    Live Trading Strategies

    A Trading Solution Trusted Worldwide

    • Exceptionally Low Trading Costs

      No trading commissions and ultra-tight spreads
    • Diverse Leverage Options

      Up to a Stunning 1000X Leverage
    • Join the Social Trading Revolution

      Learn from top performers and harness the power of the crowd.
    • Securing Your Funds

      Backed by respected regulators, ensuring segregated client funds.
    • Protection from Negative Balance

      Limit losses to invested capital and improve risk management
    • 24/7 Dedicated Support

      Multilingual support in 12 languages, efficiently addressing concerns.

    Trade On-the-Go

    TOP1 Markets offers a variety of trading platforms, including iOS APP, Android APP, MetaTrader 5, and Web-based Trading, so you can access global markets anytime, anywhere.


    Boost Your Trading with Exciting Bonus Rewards!

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