MetaTrader 5 Key Features

  • MetaEditor

    Easily create trading robots and technical indicators that automatically integrate to MT5 for instant operation.

  • MetaQuotes Language 5

    A programming language dedicated to developing trading strategies, allowing traders to easily create scripts, trading robots and custom indicators.

  • Hedging systems

    Use hedging systems to take multiple or opposite positions in the same instrument to enhance strategy flexibility and risk management.

  • Charts and time periods

    Provides 21 time periods and multiple chart types to monitor price fluctuations in real time to make quick trading decisions.

  • Fundamental Analysis

    Built-in financial calendar and other fundamental analysis tools to help you keep up with the latest information and grasp the timing of your investments.

  • Indicators and analytical tools

    MT5 has 38 built-in indicators, 22 analytical tools and 46 graphical objects to enhance the overall trading experience.

Learn about MetaTrader 5

MT5 is the fifth generation of the MetaTrader platform and offers a richer set of features and functions than its predecessor. With its superior performance and ease of use, MT5 has quickly become the trading platform of choice for online forex traders and brokers worldwide.

Great trading results start with advanced and easy-to-use tools, and the MT5 platform, developed by MetaQuotes Software, is suitable for all types and levels of traders. Since its launch in 2010, this financial trading software has quickly become popular with traders, brokers and investment and brokerage service providers.

MetaTrader 5 Mobile & Tablet Applications

With TOP1 Markets MT5 Mobile, you can experience the world's most popular trading platform on your iOS or Android device anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with Android 5.0 and above operating systems with internet speeds of 56 kbps or above.

  • 3 chart types covering 9 time frames
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • 30 technical indicators & 23 analytical tools
  • TOP1 Markets Email Service
  • Personalised chart display
  • Customised push notifications
  • Live Market News Summary
  • Tablet exclusive display interface

MetaTrader 5 Desktop Trading Platform

Download for free and take full advantage of the many benefits offered by working with a TOP1 Markets MT5 trading account.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2008/7/8/10 operating systems with an internet speed of 56 kbps or above.

  • Over 100 trading options
  • Support for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms
  • 5 major categories of trading products
  • Instant sale and market price execution
  • 3 flexible account types
  • Advanced hedging system
  • 0% commission on transactions
  • 38 built-in indicators & 22 analysis tools
  • 21 time periods and 3 chart types
  • Integrated foreign exchange calendar function
  • 8 types of pending order execution
  • Mobile Stop Loss, Expert Advisors (EA) and scripting support

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