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Event Flow

  • 1) Sign-in to your account
  • 2) Get 3 correct answers in total
  • 3) Participate in "Daily Lucky Draw"
  • 4) Make yourself to the ranking and win the monthly ultra prize!

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        • 1 10 Times Hunting Record
        • 2 Successfully Ranked In "Monthly Ranking"
        • 3 Exceptional Win Rate
        • 4 Get Rewarded


        • Q: How many correct answers are required to participate in the "Daily Lucky Draw"?

          A: You will be eligible for one "Daily Lucky Draw" chance for three correct answers.

        • Q: Can I directly withdraw my cash prize during this Event?

          A: There are no restrictions on how much cash prize can be used for trading purposes or withdrawal.

        • Q: How many times can I participate in the "Daily Lucky Draw"?

          A: There is no limit to participating in the "Daily Lucky Draw” event..

        • Q: How do I participate in the "Daily Lucky Draw?

          A: Investors can participate in this event after sign-up or sign-in an account.

        • Q: What can I do to get a better chance of winning?

          A: Investors can read the Hunting Tips or browse the market analysis in our in-app Trading Tutorial and Community.

        • Q: Will I be rewarded for making it to the "Monthly Ranking"?

          A: Yes! Investors can participate in the "Daily Trend Hunting" and "Daily Lucky Draw" events, as well as the "Monthly Ranking" event.

        Terms & Conditions:

        • Bullish Doji

        • Flat Bottom

        • Inverted Hammer

        • Downtrend Morning Star

        • Bullish Harami

        • Hammer