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  • U.S. core CPI in March topped expectations for third consecutive month
  • Biden made a rare statement: the start of interest rate cuts will be delayed by at least a month
  • Minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting: It is appropriate to cut interest rates this year and prepare to slow down the pace of balance sheet reduction

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  • Forex
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    EUR/USD -1.06% 1.07419 1.07433
    GBP/USD -1.08% 1.25396 1.25364
    AUD/USD -1.74% 0.65147 0.65149
    USD/JPY 0.92% 153.144 153.016
    GBP/CAD -0.28% 1.71556 1.71525
    NZD/CAD -0.60% 0.81719 0.81751
    📝 Review:Strong U.S. consumer price index (CPI) data caused the dollar-yen exchange rate to break through 152 points, setting a new high since 1990. The situation could trigger verbal intervention from the Japanese government. The expectation of intervention prompted Japanese retail investors to buy yen, in sharp contrast to the behavior of professional asset managers.
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    USD/JPY 152.971  Buy  Target Price  153.317

  • Gold
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Gold -0.82% 2333.49 2333.59
    Silver -0.82% 27.908 27.897
    📝 Review:Gold prices fell from record highs on Wednesday, falling below the 2,320 mark to $2,319.30 per ounce during the session, before closing at $2,333.39 per ounce. The dollar and bond yields strengthened after stronger-than-expected inflation data dampened expectations for an early U.S. interest rate cut.
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    Gold 2334.64  Buy  Target Price  2362.76

  • Crude Oil
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    WTI Crude Oil 1.06% 85.647 85.642
    Brent Crude Oil 1.03% 90.008 90.013
    📝 Review:Rising geopolitical risks in oil-producing regions are seen as a key driver of rising oil prices. A tighter market due to OPEC+ production cuts and Russian export restrictions has put upward pressure on oil prices. Amid an increasingly bullish oil market, Morgan Stanley expects Brent prices to reach $94 a barrel in the third quarter of 2024.
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    WTI Crude Oil 85.568  Sell  Target Price  84.200

  • Indice
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Nasdaq 100 -1.12% 17989.45 17997.19
    Dow Jones -1.34% 38396.7 38408.1
    S&P 500 -1.25% 5152.16 5155.62
    0.00% 17559.3 17559.3
    US Dollar Index 1.04% 104.84 104.87
    📝 Review:U.S. stocks came under pressure as interest rate cut expectations shrank after the U.S. CPI data. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.09%, the S&P 500 Index fell 0.95%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index fell 0.84%. Nvidia (NVDA.O) rose 1.9%, Intel (INTC.O) fell 3%, Apple (AAPL.O) fell 1%, and Tesla (TSLA.O) fell 2.8%. The Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index closed down 0.39%, Alibaba (BABA.N) rose 2%, and NIO (NIO.N) and Baidu (BIDU.O) fell below the 2% line.
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    Nasdaq 100 17986.820  Buy  Target Price  18217.564

  • Crypto
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    BitCoin 0.86% 69832.6 70026.5
    Ethereum 0.13% 3509.5 3508.7
    Dogecoin 4.50% 0.19759 0.19961
    📝 Review:Looking at the overall trend, the long-short game in the Bitcoin market has failed, and the daily rise driven by Ethereum has roughly ended. At the same time, the 5min and 30min of the market are both below the 233 moving average, which is dominated by the short side. Any small rebound here will be accompanied by bullish behavior, and this time it is very likely to successfully fall below the 4h 233 moving average.
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    BitCoin 70420.6  Buy  Target Price  72775.2

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