Fund Isolation

TOP1 client's funds are completely separated from the company's capital and are stored in the different bank accounts. Our company can only transfer funds for trading purposes with the client authorization, and nobody or organization may withdraw the funds from client's trading account. We have also appointed an international accounting consulting company to conduct external audits and strictly implement the regulations on "The Usage of Client Funds" and "Adequacy of Funds".

Financial Security

TOP1 designates top international banks as client fund trust banks. The funds received by TOP1 will be deposited into the bank's independent client funds trust account on the day of receipt or the next working day, and a series of internal control measures will be established to maintain the safety of the client funds.

Clients' deposits and withdrawals need to be approved at different levels according to the amount of funds required.

Maintain a 1:1 ratio of company cash flow to client funds.

Client transaction settlement funds are deposited separately and conduct daily reconcile.

Worldwide Trusted Trading Platform

  • Extremely Low Trading Costs

    0% trading commission ad competitive spreads.
  • Multiple Leverage Options

    Leverage up to 1000x
  • Social Trading

    Gathering elite trading master and share the community wisdom.
  • Capital Security Guaranteed

    Authoritative financial institution regulation, strict segregation of investor funds.
  • Negative Account Balance Protection

    Losses will not exceed the principal amount to enhance risk management capabilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

    12 languages are always available for investors to solve their problems.