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Regardless of whether the price rises or falls, there are trading opportunities, and your profit depends on the correctness of the market trend prediction.
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1. Daily Fluctuation = Highest price of the day - Lowest price of the day;
2. The above investment and profit calculations are calculated based on 0.1 lot.
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Trading Opportunity Description
Products Complex Factors Best Trading Time Features
1. Economic data, such as (inflation, unemployment rate, foreign trade data, etc.);

2. Monetary policies of various countries (interest rates, money supply, etc.);

3. Political factors: political instability will affect the exchange rate;
A currency fluctuates the most during the business hours of its country.

USDJPY is more active during Asian trading hours, while EURUSD is active during European and American trading hours.
1. High volatility;

2. Increase trading opportunities;

3. The financial market with the largest transaction volume in the world;

4. Greater flexibility.
1. Inflation (United States);

2. Global economic growth expectations;

3. The strength of the US dollar index;

4. Real interest rates.
[GMT+8]: 14:00 - 18:00 (European Market Opening); 20:00 - 24:00 (European Afternoon Market & US Market Opening)
1. Large fluctuations;

2. Very sensitive to sudden geopolitical events;

3. The trend of safe haven commodities is usually very obvious.
Crude Oil
1. Demand: demand changes and economic growth expectations of major countries;

2. Supply: OPEC+ and US crude oil production;

3. War and political factors;

4. The strength of the US dollar index.
[GMT+8] From 22:00 to the next day 02:30
1. Extremely sensitive to the value of the USD;

2. Highly sensitive to the global economic situation;

3. Highly sensitive to changes in supply and demand (Especially the decision of an increase or decrease production of the United States, OPEC+ and Russia).
Global Index
1. Macroeconomic data: such as GDP, industrial index, inflation rate, etc.;

2. Macroeconomic Policy;

3. Directly affected by the economic conditions of the country.

4. Global financial markets trends, such as crude oil, and the stock markets in other countries.
Within international stock market trading hours.
1. Related to the economic operation of the corresponding country.

2. You can decide prepare your position in advance. Events that occur in one country's market may affect the market condition in other countries;

3. Packed with market fundamental information for investors.