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  • U.S. CPI growth slowed more than expected in October, and the market reacted violently
  • Several Fed officials expressed support for slowing rate hikes
  • "New Fed News Agency": CPI inflation supports Fed rate hike by 50 basis points in December

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  • Forex
    After the release of the U.S. inflation data, the U.S. index continued to plunge below 108 and closed down 2.336% at 107.87, the largest one-day drop in more than 10 years. Non-U.S. currencies continued to rise. The U.S. dollar plummeted 4% against the yen on the day, and the daily low hit the lowest since September 22, the largest one-day percentage drop since October 1998; the euro rose 2% against the dollar on the day; the pound against the dollar It rose 3% on the day.
    📝 Review:The dollar fell sharply on Thursday after U.S. consumer prices rose less than expected in October and signaled that core inflation had peaked, cheering data that could prompt the Federal Reserve to slow the pace of interest rate hikes.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go long GBP/USD at 1.16986, target price 1.17783
  • Gold
    Spot gold and silver soared. Spot gold soared 2.86% to $1,755.72 an ounce; spot silver rose 2.97% to $21.68 an ounce.
    📝 Review:Gold prices rebounded more than 2 percent on Thursday to their highest in more than two months, after data showed U.S. inflation cooled slightly in October, raising hopes that the Federal Reserve will take a less aggressive approach to raising interest rates.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go long at 1754.21, the target price is 1763.00
  • Crude Oil
    Crude oil turned up and ended a three-day losing streak. WTI crude oil closed up 0.65% at $86.19 per barrel; Brent crude oil closed up 0.97% at $93.27 per barrel.
    📝 Review:Oil prices closed up about 1 percent on Thursday, rising for the first time this week, as worries about fuel demand were overshadowed by lower-than-expected U.S. inflation data. Crude oil futures rebounded after a three-day losing streak after inflation data bolstered hopes that the Federal Reserve will slow the pace of interest rate hikes, which could support oil demand.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go long at 85.582, the target price is 86.883
  • Indice
    U.S. inflation slowed and U.S. stocks soared. The Dow closed up 3.7%, the Nasdaq closed up 7.35%, the biggest one-day gain in March of the previous year, and the S&P 500 closed up 5.54%. The Nasdaq 100 closed up 7.5%, its biggest one-day gain since March 2020.
    📝 Review:U.S. stocks the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rallied on Thursday, posting their biggest one-day percentage gains in 2-1/2 years, as signs of slowing inflation in October fueled speculation that the Federal Reserve may become less aggressive in raising interest rates .
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:Go long the Nasdaq at 11615.500, target price 11754.000
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