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  • Global copper inventories have fallen to dangerously low levels
  • Ex-BoE chief Carney: UK fiscal crisis 'profound lesson'
  • Zelensky says Kyiv did not order Crimea bridge bombing

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  • Forex
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), the US dollar index fell 0.009% to 112.73, EUR/USD rose 0.152% to 0.97983; GBP/USD fell 0.173% to 1.12156; AUD/USD fell 0.068% to 0.62800 ; USD/JPY rose 0.181% to 150.368.
    📝 Review:Japan's core CPI rose 3.0% year-on-year in September, the fastest growth rate in eight years and surpassing the Bank of Japan's 2% target for the sixth consecutive month, which will undoubtedly test the Bank of Japan's dovish policy.USD/JPY is long at 150.360 with a target of 151.890.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:at long USD/JPY at 150.360, a target price of 151.890.
  • Gold
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), spot gold fell 0.124% to $1625.80 an ounce, and spot silver fell 0.585% to $18.535 an ounce.
    📝 Review:The international gold price continued to hit a new low of $1,617.12 per ounce since September 28, as strong labor market data and hawkish comments from Fed officials weakened the appeal of gold, and the 10-year U.S. bond yield hit a new high since June 2008.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short at 1620.98, the target price is 1613.82.
  • Crude Oil
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), WTI fell 0.603% to $84.297/barrel; Brent fell 0.407% to $90.770/barrel.
    📝 Review:Expectations of further aggressive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve continue to heat up, the dollar is strong, U.S. bond yields continue to rise, and the 10-year Treasury bond yield hits a high since June 2008. Suppressing gasoline prices and claiming to further release strategic crude oil reserves also weighed on oil prices.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short at 83.158, the target point 81.566.
  • Indice
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), the Taiwan Weighted Index fell 0.695% to 12861.0 points; the Nikkei 225 Index fell 0.433% to 26928.0 points; Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 0.207% to 16271.2 points; Australia's S&P/ASX200 Index It fell 0.283% to 6684.05 points.
    📝 Review:Taiwan stocks opened lower and lower today. Although they turned red in early trading, the index fell 126.9 points at the end to close at 12,819.2 points, and the turnover hit a new low in nearly 2 years; this week's weighted index It fell 308.92 points, and it has been black for 2 weeks.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:short the Taiwan Weighted Index at 12800.5, and the target price is 12667.7.

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