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  • FSB says Ukrainian fire on Russian territory 'significantly increased'
  • Putin orders the replacement of the operator of the "Sakhalin 1" oil and gas project, and the US companies are out
  • OPEC+ sets $90-$100 price floor for crude

Product Hot Comment

  • Gold
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), spot gold fell 0.854% to $1681.08/oz, and spot silver fell 1.992% to $19.676/oz.
    📝 Review:The international gold price fell to a new one-week low of $1,684.56 an ounce. Although geopolitical tensions persisted, investors may seek to buy gold as a safe-haven, but strong U.S. jobs data has heightened concerns that the Federal Reserve will continue to aggressively raise interest rates to curb inflation. Continue to dominate price action.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short at 1682.38, the target price is 1664.36
  • Forex
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), the US dollar index rose 0.435% to 113.16, EUR/USD fell 0.512% to 0.96892; GBP/USD fell 0.282% to 1.10502; AUD/USD fell 1.007% to 0.63012 ; USD/JPY rose 0.072% to 145.454.
    📝 Review:Rising oil prices and geopolitical tensions have also raised concerns about economic growth, weighing on the currencies of European energy importers and even the currencies of exporters such as the growth-sensitive Australian dollar.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short EUR/USD at 0.96930, the target price is 0.96389.
  • Crude Oil
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), WTI fell 0.517% to $91.059/barrel; Brent fell 0.594% to $96.417/barrel.
    📝 Review:Fears about the outbreak in Asia have increased, weighing on the demand outlook, prompting some bulls to take profits after oil prices rose sharply last week. In addition, concerns about further aggressive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and the intervention of the Biden administration's strategic oil reserves also weighed on oil prices slightly; however, The Ukrainian capital Kyiv was attacked by missiles, and concerns about the geopolitical situation in Russia and Ukraine increased, and the oil price still has the opportunity to further fluctuate and move higher in the market outlook.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go long US crude oil at 91.273, the target price 93.867.
  • Indice
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), the Taiwan Weighted Index was suspended; the Nikkei 225 Index fell 0.582% to 26542.0 points; Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 1.490% to 17205.7 points; Australia's S&P/ASX200 Index fell 0.290% to report 6669.65 points.
    📝 Review:Asia Pacific Equities MSCI Emerging Markets outperformed MSCI Developed Markets. From October 1st to 7th, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index rose by 2.5%, and the MSCI Developed Markets Index rose by 1.6%; the performance of the Asia-Pacific markets was generally better than that of the European and American markets. For example, the Nikkei 225 Index rose by 4.5%, and the Korea Composite Index rose by 3.6%. Ranked among the world's major major indices.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short Nikkei index at 26518.0, and the target price is 26272.2.

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