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  • A helicopter with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on board suffered a "crash landing"
  • Fed's Bowman repeats she's willing to hike rates if needed
  • US buys 3 million barrels of oil for strategic reserve

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  • Forex
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    EUR/USD 0.04% 1.08721 1.08697
    GBP/USD 0.28% 1.27061 1.26981
    AUD/USD 0.28% 0.66986 0.66947
    USD/JPY 0.20% 155.669 155.659
    GBP/CAD 0.27% 1.72906 1.72798
    NZD/CAD 0.19% 0.83475 0.83487
    📝 Review:This week, the trend of the U.S. dollar has become the focus of the market, and its performance is almost entirely affected by the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) in April. Although inflation data showed signs of cooling, the tight labor market and rising import prices have caused fluctuations in market expectations for a rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
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    USD/JPY 155.837  Buy  Target Price  156.734

  • Gold
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Gold 1.66% 2416.32 2418.82
    Silver 6.53% 31.492 31.534
    📝 Review:The gold market had a lot of important economic data and in-depth speeches from the Federal Reserve to digest last week. Gold prices rose by more than 2% last week, and the result has been one of the most dramatic moves in the precious metals market this year. Everyone wants to know how high gold prices can go in the current environment.
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    Gold 2417.58  Buy  Target Price  2436.17

  • Crude Oil
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    WTI Crude Oil 0.81% 79.487 79.46
    Brent Crude Oil 0.69% 83.685 83.521
    📝 Review:This week, the upward trend in crude oil prices has been closely linked to improving global economic indicators. WTI and Brent crude futures both posted their third weekly gains in four weeks. Traders are awaiting the OPEC+ meeting on June 1, which is expected to provide the market's next big catalyst.
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    WTI Crude Oil 79.247  Sell  Target Price  78.547

  • Indice
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Nasdaq 100 -0.05% 18553.57 18559.1
    Dow Jones 0.33% 40011.5 40043.3
    S&P 500 0.17% 5305.56 5309.16
    0.00% 17559.3 17559.3
    US Dollar Index -0.04% 104.06 104.07
    📝 Review:The three major U.S. stock indexes had mixed gains and losses, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing up 0.34%, closing above 40,000 points for the first time in history, the S&P 500 Index rising 0.12%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index falling 0.07%. GameStop (GME.N) fell nearly 20%, Faraday Future (FFIE.O) fell more than 37%, and Alibaba (BABA.N) continued its gains, closing up 2%.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Nasdaq 100 18585.350  Buy  Target Price  18707.832

  • Crypto
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    BitCoin -1.13% 66110.6 66251.1
    Ethereum -1.39% 3067.1 3064.3
    Dogecoin -2.25% 0.14842 0.14828
    📝 Review:Looking at the overall trend, the Bitcoin market is clearly dominated by many parties. It fluctuated around 65,500 points during the day, which is in line with what was said last week that the current Bitcoin market needs to trade sideways to digest this rise. At the same time, ether also rose at the same time. We need to pay attention to the eth/btc exchange rate. Now it is a market dominated by multiple parties, and we need to be cautious about making large cyclical short orders.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    BitCoin 66142.5  Buy  Target Price  67601.1

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