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  • Nonfarm employment slows more than expected, and Fed rate cut expectations are brought forward
  • Fed officials interpret latest non-farm payroll data
  • Israeli troops complete siege of Gaza from north to south

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  • Forex
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    EUR/USD 0.98% 1.07242 1.07272
    GBP/USD 1.40% 1.23731 1.23701
    AUD/USD 1.17% 0.65119 0.65083
    USD/JPY -0.65% 149.464 149.368
    GBP/CAD 0.89% 1.69125 1.68933
    NZD/CAD 1.03% 0.81868 0.81836
    📝 Review:Last week, the U.S. dollar experienced a sharp reversal. The U.S. dollar index rebounded from the beginning of the week and once broke through the 107 mark, reaching a maximum of 107.11. With the Federal Reserve's dovish stance suspended, it hinted that the radical tightening cycle may end. The U.S. index fell sharply from its high on Wednesday, and subsequently fell below the 106 and 105 marks one after another.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    USD/JPY 149.501  Sell  Target Price  148.786

  • Gold
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Gold 0.34% 1992.66 1992.2
    Silver 1.74% 23.156 23.199
    📝 Review:Last week, gold prices maintained a high consolidation posture and failed to remain above US$2,000, falling by nearly US$10. Some analysts pointed out that gold prices lacked the motivation to break through US$2,000 this week, but analysts did not recommend short selling.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Gold 1987.94  Buy  Target Price  2004.21

  • Crude Oil
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    WTI Crude Oil -2.05% 80.691 80.908
    📝 Review:Crude oil markets took a big hit last week. WTI December crude oil futures closed down US$1.95, or 2.36%, at US$80.51/barrel, down 5.88% for the whole week.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    WTI Crude Oil 80.829  Sell  Target Price  79.887

  • Indice
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Nasdaq 100 1.49% 15095.95 15128.05
    Dow Jones 0.65% 34065.3 34133.6
    S&P 500 1.04% 4357.4 4367.25
    📝 Review:The three major U.S. stock indexes all closed higher for the fifth consecutive day, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing up 0.66%, the S&P 500 Index closing up 0.94%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index closing up more than 1%. Apple (AAPL.O) closed down 0.44% as its revenue fell year-on-year for the fourth consecutive quarter. Popular Chinese concept stocks generally closed higher, with Nio (NIO.N) rising by more than 5%, Xpeng Motors (XPEV.N) rising by more than 3%, and Li Auto (LI.O) rising by nearly 3%.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Nasdaq 100 15095.150  Buy  Target Price  15323.650

  • Crypto
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    BitCoin -1.45% 34651.4 34976.8
    Ethereum 0.49% 1861.6 1880.1
    Dogecoin 1.83% 0.06967 0.07063
    📝 Review:Looking at the overall trend, the bears have taken the dominant position in the Bitcoin market, and the market has fallen below the 30-minute 233 moving average. Radicals can operate with the trend, and the lower support point is at 32,700 points.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    BitCoin 34907.5  Buy  Target Price  35298.2

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