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  • Hamas rejects Israel's ceasefire proposal. The leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip told Arab negotiators that he would only accept a peace agreement if Israel commits to a permanent ceasefire. The war is in a tense state, which continues to be bullish for gold.
  • US initial jobless claims last week came in at 229,000, higher than the expected 220,000. As of May, planned US company hiring hit a decade low. The decline in hiring is pertinent to tonight's release of the May non-farm payrolls data, leading to a bearish outlook on the US dollar.
  • The European Central Bank cut interest rates by 25 basis points, which is the first rate cut since 2019, and also raised inflation expectations. It is reported that Governing Council member Holtzmann disagreed with the rate cut, and many hawks expressed regret for making a commitment to a rate cut too early. According to people familiar with the matter, ECB officials have almost ruled out the possibility of a second rate cut in July, and some have questioned whether it is wise to cut interest rates at the September meeting. The ECB's rate cut has led to insufficient support for the euro, and the euro is bearish in the short term.

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  • Forex
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    EUR/USD 0.17% 1.0889 1.08891
    GBP/USD 0.03% 1.27906 1.27908
    AUD/USD 0.26% 0.66692 0.66715
    USD/JPY -0.28% 155.613 155.6
    GBP/CAD -0.12% 1.74819 1.74821
    NZD/CAD -0.05% 0.84729 0.84717
    📝 Review:USD/JPY retreated after attempting to break above the 50 SMA at 156.55. Bullish players are maintaining a cautious stance amid concerns that the Bank of Japan may intervene in the 157.50 - 158.50 range. If USD/JPY breaks below 156.00, it will head towards support, which is located around the recent lows of 154.50 - 155.00. A break below 154.50 will provide an opportunity for USD/JPY to gain additional momentum.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    USD/JPY 155.736  Sell  Target Price  154.847

  • Gold
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Gold 0.81% 2375.75 2376.4
    Silver 4.33% 31.299 31.338
    📝 Review:Gold prices climbed to a two-week high on Thursday, closing at $2,375.60 an ounce, as weaker-than-expected U.S. jobs data fueled hopes of a rate cut by the Federal Reserve later this year. Market focus shifted to non-farm payrolls data to be released on Friday.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Gold 2376.91  Buy  Target Price  2395.87

  • Crude Oil
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    WTI Crude Oil 1.77% 75.405 75.429
    Brent Crude Oil 1.73% 79.817 79.856
    📝 Review:The ECB's rate cut on Thursday (June 6th), mirroring the Bank of Canada's move, fueled expectations that the Fed might do the same. Oil prices closed up 2% after OPEC+ assured investors that its latest oil production agreement could change depending on market conditions.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    WTI Crude Oil 75.479  Buy  Target Price  76.715

  • Indice
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Nasdaq 100 -0.06% 19031.16 19036.01
    Dow Jones 0.22% 38886 38899.7
    S&P 500 -0.05% 5353.86 5354.47
    0.00% 17559.3 17559.3
    US Dollar Index -0.13% 103.73 103.74
    📝 Review:The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 0.2%, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq fell slightly, but once hit a new record high during the session. Nvidia (NVDA.O) fell 1%, and the long and short trades were fierce, with a daily turnover of US$78.6 billion. GameStop (GME.N) closed up 47%, and the giants spoke out again. The Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index fell 0.14%, NIO (NIO.N) fell 6.9%, and (JD.O) fell 2.6%.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Nasdaq 100 19037.380  Buy  Target Price  19121.480

  • Crypto
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    BitCoin -0.58% 70744.5 70761.2
    Ethereum -1.23% 3796.6 3797.2
    Dogecoin -1.66% 0.16033 0.16
    📝 Review:Looking back at last night, BTC did rise in the evening market as expected by analysts. It took 71380 points in one fell swoop, but did not directly break through 72000. So we may need to be cautious here. The best opening position may be 72000, or it may be the first level to break through the strong resistance level. There are a lot of differences between the long and short sides, and this position will be sideways for a long time.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    BitCoin 70780.7  Buy  Target Price  72188.4

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