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  • IMF raises Georgia's 2022 growth forecast to 10%
  • Germany windfall tax stick points to clean energy generation
  • Europe and the United States are experiencing the largest bird flu outbreaks at the same time

Product Hot Comment

  • Forex
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), the U.S. dollar index fell 0.066% to 105.70, EUR/USD rose 0.154% to 1.04200; GBP/USD rose 0.120% to 1.21192; AUD/USD rose 0.081% to 0.67726; /JPY rose 0.096% to 138.483.
    📝 Review:Black Friday is upon us, but many shoppers are expecting even bigger discounts this year. Only U.S. consumers plan to spend more this year, while European consumers are expected to cut by as much as 18%, the research showed. The findings come amid an increasingly gloomy outlook for the global economy, especially in Europe. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has dragged down economic growth in Europe and sent energy prices soaring.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:long EUR/USD at 1.04215, a target price 1.04764.
  • Gold
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), spot gold fell 0.022% to $1754.45/oz, and spot silver fell 1.057% to $21.245/oz.
    📝 Review:The international gold price rose to a new high of US$1,761.06 per ounce, as the Fed's future interest rate hike strategy showed a dovish tendency, and the market outlook still looked at US$1,766. However, market liquidity was limited during the Thanksgiving holiday, and investors were cautious about holding positions over the weekend, which limited the rise in gold prices.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:short at 1754.51, target price 1732.10.
  • Crude Oil
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), WTI rose 0.427% to $78.487/barrel; Brent rose 0.406% to $85.615/barrel.
    📝 Review:Although the continued weakening of the US dollar has attracted some bargain-hunting support, but concerns about the epidemic and global economic recession linger, and the G7 proposed Russian oil price ceiling level eases supply concerns, and there are still certain downside risks in the oil price outlook.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:go short at 78.494, and the target price is 76.078.
  • Indice
    As of 17:00 (GMT+8), Taiwan's weighted index fell 0.609% to 14711.4 points; the Nikkei 225 index fell 0.141% to 28330.5 points; Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index fell 0.699% to 17591.7 points; Australia's S&P/ASX200 index Up 0.163% to 7266.55 points.
    📝 Review:The Taiwan stock market fluctuated today and closed down slightly by 5.49 points, failing to stand firm at the 14,800-point barrier. The index still rose by 273.52 points this week. TSMC closed at 498 yuan, up 2 yuan today and 11 yuan this week, making it the focus of the market.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:short Taiwan weighted index at 14714.4, target price 14835.5

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