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  • The Bank of England presses the "pause button" on interest rate hikes again
  • U.S. productivity hits biggest gain since 2020
  • The Bank of Japan is said to have plans to raise interest rates next year

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  • Forex
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    EUR/USD 0.50% 1.06219 1.06205
    GBP/USD 0.42% 1.22036 1.2202
    AUD/USD 0.54% 0.64361 0.64367
    USD/JPY -0.30% 150.452 150.436
    GBP/CAD -0.40% 1.67622 1.67627
    NZD/CAD 0.04% 0.81004 0.81036
    📝 Review:The yen could rise sharply. The spread between short-term yields in the United States and Japan tightened, and China's domestic stock market rose. The Bank of Japan never misses an opportunity. The bank has once again chosen not to exit its ultra-loose policy stance, allowing the massive market imbalances that are developing to be relieved.
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    USD/JPY 150.492  Buy  Target Price  150.943

  • Gold
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Gold 0.11% 1985.71 1985.98
    Silver -0.82% 22.75 22.759
    📝 Review:Gold prices continued to rise, building on the previous day's rebound and gaining some follow-through momentum on Thursday. The generally positive tone in equity markets is seen as a key headwind for precious metals and requires caution on the part of bulls.
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    Gold 1984.91  Buy  Target Price  1990.47

  • Crude Oil
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    WTI Crude Oil 2.11% 82.274 82.38
    Brent Crude Oil 2.14% 86.684 86.732
    📝 Review:Risk appetite returned to financial markets a day after the Federal Reserve kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged. Oil prices rose by more than $2 a barrel, breaking a three-day losing streak.
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    WTI Crude Oil 82.325  Sell  Target Price  80.205

  • Indice
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    Nasdaq 100 1.48% 14898.75 14874.75
    Dow Jones 1.71% 33835.1 33846.5
    S&P 500 1.79% 4315.15 4312.65
    US Dollar Index -0.29% 105.78 105.83
    📝 Review:The three major U.S. stock indexes opened higher, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing up 1.7%, the S&P 500 Index closing up 1.89%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index closing up 1.78%. Qualcomm (QCOM.O) and Tesla (TSLA.O) closed at 6%, Apple (AAPL.O) closed up 2%, and WeWork (WE.N) closed down 11%. The Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index closed up 2%, Xpeng Motors (XPEV.N) closed up 6.6%, and Alibaba (BABA.N) closed up 1.1%.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    Nasdaq 100 14866.650  Buy  Target Price  15027.050

  • Crypto
    Product Yesterday's Change Yesterday's Close Today's Open
    BitCoin -1.38% 34899.7 34909.3
    Ethereum -2.14% 1798.9 1797.1
    Dogecoin -2.01% 0.06735 0.06737
    📝 Review:Looking at the overall trend, the Bitcoin market is dominated by many forces, and it is still waiting for the market to reach the 30-minute 233 moving average. When the lower support point is at 34500 points, you can follow the trend and seize the opportunity of a callback.
    🕵️ Operation suggestion:

    BitCoin 34865.2  Sell  Target Price  35961.1

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