Boosting Guide

All of the profit orders in the past 2 days can participate in this event and the actual rebate amount will be delivered randomly. The rebate can be up to 10x depending on the actual number of friends has successfully boosted your order. Event Rules

Select the profit orders that have been closed.

Share the selected profit orders that fulfilled the event conditions in the order record.

Friends have downloaded the app and registered successfully

Friends click the link to download the TOP1 app and complete the registration process.

Friends will successfully boost your order!

When a friend launches the app and completes the registration process, it is deemed to have completed the boosting flow.

There's more than one way to share

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Where can I review the boosting rebate amount?

After the profit order has been boosted, the rebate will be directly credited into your account balance, and you can withdraw the profit or use it for trading purposes. At the same time, it can be reviewed on the app and computer.


Log in to, and check the boosting progress you have shared to friends under the "Event Center"-" Share Boosting" page.


Download and log in to the TOP1 app, and check the boosting progress you shared under the "Promotions"-"Share Boosting" interface.

Event Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Participants' accounts must own the profit orders within the last two days.
  • 2. The actual rebate amount will be delivered randomly everytime and get up to 10x profit rebate.
  • 3. Each order boost countdown will begin after the first time sharing and the event page will be hiddened after 24 hours.
  • 4. System will automatically credit the rebates to your account balance after the selected order has successfully been boosted.
  • 5. Each friend can only boost the selected order once.
  • 6. The right to participate in this activity is open to new joined and existing clients of the platform. Participants try to jeopardize the fairness of the activity by deception, hacking, fraud or other unfair methods, or intentionally disrupt, insult, threaten or harass other participants/ the platform, the platform has the sole discretion to reject any rights of the person for this event and prohibit the person from participating in this event.
  • 7. This event is valid from 2021-11-04 to 2021-12-04.
  • 8. The promoter of this event is TOP1 Markets. If participants conduct any activities prohibited by law or otherwise restricted, the part is invalid. TOP1 Markets also reserves the right to modify, extend or terminate this program at any time without notice.