How can I get $300for free?

TOP1 Markets
Hunt one-hour market trend
Win $5for every correct hunting, and win $10for every two consecutive correct hunting.
Results will be announced every hour and the system will credit the cash prize into the investor’s trading account directly.

Previsión de tendencia de mercado (hora siguiente)

----  (--%)
Subida -- Caída --
* Precio de cierre superior al de apertura
* Precio de cierre inferior al de apertura

El evento finalizará en

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Prize 1:Premio en efectivo


Cash Prize for round 1 shunting


Cash Prize for round 2 shunting

Cupón de aumento
(hasta $100 USD)

Cash Prize for round 3 shunting

TOP1 Markets offers investors free trading funds, the cash prize earned can be used directly for trading purposes and can be withdrawn upon required conditions.

Prize 2:Monthly Ranking

There is no cap on the number of hunts,and the top 3 investors who had correctly hunted the most in each month will receive cash prizes.


Hunting Cash Prize

$5 1st Hunt
$5 2nd Hunt
20% Cupón de aumento hasta $100 USD

Preguntas Frecuentes

Q: What is the purpose for this event?

A:TOP1 Markets offers free trading capital to every investor who enjoys trading, giving them the opportunity to experience trading and earn profits. At the same time, investors will have the opportunity to become more familiar with TOP1 Markets.

Q: Where can investors find the latest results?

A:(a) Investors can check the latest results in TOP1 Markets APP or on our WebTrade site.
(b) Investors can check the latest results by refreshing the current page one hour later.
(c) Investors can check the latest results by reaching out to our 24-hour online support team.

Q: ¿Qué puedo hacer para aumentar mi porcentaje de ganancias y mi precisión?

A:Los inversores pueden consultar los consejos de búsqueda o ir a la página "Tutorial de trading" o "Comunidad" para ver el análisis de tendencias del mercado.

Términos y Condiciones